Welcome to Class For Your Canine

Welcome to Class For Your Canine, a great place to learn all about Dog Training and solving Dog  Behavior Problems.  There is a lot of free information here along with access to excellent resources for training your pet.

I’ve created this website in order to make important information available for the dog owner who wants to train their dog the right way.  Useful and helpful topics include:

  • Dog training basics
  • Dog behavior problems
  • Training specifically for your puppy
  • Dog tricks
  • Clicker training
  • Excellent dog training programs, like Secrets to Dog Training and more!


Training your dog or puppy may be a mysterious and confusing task at first, but when you avail yourself of the material and articles on this site, you’ll be encouraged and anxious to get started!  With consistency, step-by-step training and a will to be successful, you’ll find yourself with a well trained pet.

These training tips and resources really work and are the best you can find.  Find the areas that pertain to you and your situation, read, and take action.  Remember, nothing changes until you change it!  There are no good reasons for having to deal with difficult and dangerous pet behavior.  Read on and enjoy!


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