8 Reasons to Teach Your Dog Cool Dog Tricks

8 Reasons to Teach Your Dog Cool Dog Tricks

There are many good reasons to teach your dog how to do cool tricks, and some of them may surprise you.  Although some reasons come quickly to mind, such as impressing your friends and family, others may not be so obvious.  Here are 8 reasons why training your dog to do cool dog tricks is an excellent idea. Cool Dog Tricks

#1        When you train your dog to do great tricks, you and your dog will have a wonderful time, spend quality time together, and increase your bond and closeness.

#2        Lots of cool and cute dog tricks are quite easy to teach.

#3        Your dog will learn many behaviors (focus on you, wait for cues, etc.) that will help with the process of really paying attention to you – so that more serious training is a lot easier for you and your dog.

#4        Dogs who are trained to do tricks become more confident and seem to be happier.

#5        Your dog will get lots of positive attention, and become more comfortable with new people and new situations.

#6        Learning tricks is a great way for your energetic dog to burn energy and will help keep a dog who has too much energy more calm.  Remember, a happy dog is a tired dog!

#7        You can use tricks that your dog has learned in order to engage him in positive behavior to replace problematic behavior, such as jumping.  An example?  You can get your dog to “play dead” when company comes knocking at your door, so that he doesn’t do what he wants to, which is jump all over them.

#8        Having your dog do cool tricks is a great way to handle situations with children or others who are afraid of dogs, and it will help them feel more comfortable with dogs in general.

Teaching your dog to do fun tricks is a great idea for many reasons.  Try incorporating this training into your life with your dog on a regular basis, resulting in a closer, higher quality relationship, and a pet who is calm, comfortable, attentive and focused.  And best of all, HAVE FUN!